Hohenzollern Castle

This past weekend, my family and I visited Berg Hohenzollern. In German Berg means castle. The Hohenzollern Castle is located about 40 minutes south of Stuttgart, Germany.                 Edit            Edit             

Travel Day to Bali

Every few years, we take a big family vacation. Somewhere fun, where none of us have ever been. Our, my husband’s and my own, thoughts are to travel somewhere in the world where we want to go, somewhere child safe and mostly child friendly, and somewhere to make new memories together as a family that … More Travel Day to Bali

What I Wore On Wednesday: A Tourist Smile and Nirvana Masala

This week, my husband and I are completing our Overseas Area Orientation Brief here in Japan. Today we went on a brief tour of Yokosuka, got dropped off at the JR line for a Kamakura, went out to lunch for Indian food at a delicious local restaurant called Nirvana, got a hair cut and signed … More What I Wore On Wednesday: A Tourist Smile and Nirvana Masala

A Visit to Hawaii

Following my husband and kids through the Sea-Tac Airport on the way to the plane. I’m still deciding how much I’m sharing of my family on this blog. We reached paradise… Gorgeous. Flora and Fauna My favorite flowering tree in Hawaii. Because I liked this tree so much, I changed my Gravatar (kudos to me … More A Visit to Hawaii