What Parents Should Say As Their Children Perform

My sons have just started their spring baseball season this year. As a parent I love watching them practice, see them as a community member among their peers, taking critiques and tips from their coaches, and watching them learn and laugh. Honestly, I love the whole process: trying to find their bat from last year, … More What Parents Should Say As Their Children Perform

A Toddler’s Potty Training Antics

You initially start potty training two to three months earlier than reasonable due to peer pressure from other friends with toddlers. You quickly realize the toddler who keeps urinating consistently on your tatami floors, needs more than 20 minute bathroom break reminders; she simply needs a diaper! You wisely put her back in diapers, and tell yourself you’ll conquer potty training at the start of the new year. … More A Toddler’s Potty Training Antics

Motherhood on Monday: The Power of Sharing Family History

My oldest, who is eight-years-old, started repetitively asking me, “Please tell me a story about your life, or your family’s life?” He started inquiring during winter break while on a road trip, at my parents home, during dinner and at bedtime. My son continued to ask his grandparents, father and other family members. I came … More Motherhood on Monday: The Power of Sharing Family History

Merry Christmas

I awoke this Christmas a little after six this morning with our youngest, and saw our oldest sitting in the living room recliner reading his favorite Mickey Mouse comic book. I just smiled and asked, “J how long have you been awake?” To which he replies while eyeing the presents, “I’m not sure. A while.” … More Merry Christmas

On Parenting Bragging

Report cards come out today in our competitive school district. Everyone should be very proud, loving and supportive of their young child. I’m a huge advocate of  “no child bragging” particularly about academics on Facebook, this blog, the playground, at play dates and in general of the community of parenting. Glennon Melton could not have … More On Parenting Bragging


While bedtime usually goes relatively smoothly in our home, tonight was an exception. I’ll spare you the details. Just envision it as a unsuccessful game of “whack a mole” tonight. (Disclaimer: there is no whacking involved.) When our middle “mole” came out of his room again, he discovered he had a very concerning “scab” on … More Bedtime

Encouraging Words

I consistently read several parenting blogs that I will have to compile a list and share with you all soon. Here is a notable post I recently read called Encouraging Words by Amy McCready off her blog called Positive Parenting Solutions. I’ve cut and pasted McCready’s article below: Encouraging Words by AMY MCCREADY Do you ever feel … More Encouraging Words