A Toddler’s Potty Training Antics

You initially start potty training two to three months earlier than reasonable due to peer pressure from other friends with toddlers. You quickly realize the toddler who keeps urinating consistently on your tatami floors, needs more than 20 minute bathroom break reminders; she simply needs a diaper! You wisely put her back in diapers, and tell yourself you’ll conquer potty training at the start of the new year. … More A Toddler’s Potty Training Antics

Motherhood: Singing Lullabies and Nursery Songs

Singing nursery songs and bedtime lullabies seems synonymous with parenthood. You hold your child for countless hours throughout their first and second years of life, and throughout the rest of their childhood. For the past eight years I’ve sung multiple nursery songs almost every day and at bedtime, with very few exceptions to the infinitive … More Motherhood: Singing Lullabies and Nursery Songs

What I Wore On Wednesday: Officers’ Spouses’ Social and Errands

I’m adding What I Wore On Wednesday to this blog. Be prepared for humor, laughter and perhaps an occasional tear in this section of this blog. This Wednesday marks us being here in Japan for exactly one week! We’re still newbies at living in Japan. The hardest part of moving frequently is finding your new … More What I Wore On Wednesday: Officers’ Spouses’ Social and Errands

Enjoying Monday

I’m not a morning person. You’re probably not surprised to hear that Monday mornings arrive much too early for me. Here is how we gracefully spent our Monday morning (and the rest of the day). Perhaps Monday was perfect today because my family and I got to spend Saturday and part of Sunday with my … More Enjoying Monday

Setting Limits

Motherhood. It’s wonderful. I adore my children and make them a priority everyday. I am not perfect. I’m simply trying the best I can with my children to be present. Motherhood. It is also about setting limits. If you are a parent we all have our cautionary tales of those times we have not set … More Setting Limits