Kawaii Monsters Cafe: Harajuku,  Tokyo 

 Two weeks ago we went to the infamous Kawaii Monster Cafe by Sebastian Masuda in the Harajuku area of Tokyo. It was as creative and amazing as advertised. There were cute monsters, as the word kawaii denotes “cute”, adorable desserts, delicious food, and fun themed japanese dishes with wasabi dip, and scientific dessert concoctions. Even … More Kawaii Monsters Cafe: Harajuku,  Tokyo 

Driving in Japan

  Before moving to Japan, one of the things I was the most nervous about was driving. Not just driving in a foreign country, but driving in a country with Kanji marking signs I didn’t understand (yet), and driving on the wrong side left side of the road.     The majority of the world … More Driving in Japan

Strawberry Picking in Misakiguchi

Japan offers a multitude of “U-pick” berry orchards and picking areas.  Most of these U-pick farms offer tangerines (mikans) and strawberries (ichigo) during the late winter and into spring, melons during the summer, and sweet potatoes during the fall.   During the months of January through May, there are many strawberry U-picks open throughout the … More Strawberry Picking in Misakiguchi

Plum Blossoms in Japan

The opening of plum blossoms from Setsubun through the end of March, quintessentially marks the start of spring throughout Japan. Here in the Kanagawa prefecture, beautiful plum blossoms began to quietly burgeon ten days ago. I’ve enjoyed seeing these beautiful faint pink, white, and bright pink blossoms throughout our neighborhood, along the streets while driving, … More Plum Blossoms in Japan