Motherhood on Monday: The Power of Sharing Family History

My oldest, who is eight-years-old, started repetitively asking me, “Please tell me a story about your life, or your family’s life?” He started inquiring during winter break while on a road trip, at my parents home, during dinner and at bedtime. My son continued to ask his grandparents, father and other family members. I came … More Motherhood on Monday: The Power of Sharing Family History

Happy New Years

Hello Chickadees. I can’t believe it is already 2014! We rang in the New Year around 3 PM yesterday with the kids by using pull fireworks in our backyard, drinking sparkling cider, eating the rest of C’s chocolate cake from her Baptism on Sunday, and watching a short Charlie Brown show. The kids loved the … More Happy New Years

Merry Christmas

I awoke this Christmas a little after six this morning with our youngest, and saw our oldest sitting in the living room recliner reading his favorite Mickey Mouse comic book. I just smiled and asked, “J how long have you been awake?” To which he replies while eyeing the presents, “I’m not sure. A while.” … More Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve

I’m not sure who, this big kid or my children, in our household has been more excited for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Let’s call it a tie. It’s always a time of year I look forward to. Spending time with family, watching my kids get excited and playing with their cousins, and eating lots of … More Merry Christmas Eve


I hope you all had a great weekend. Friday we watched this special ship come in! Welcome home, Daddy! My husband was only gone five days, but him coming home is always a reason to celebrate! We saw my oldest son’s final British soccer camp game and awards. His coaches even had the whole team … More Weekending

Enjoying Monday

I’m not a morning person. You’re probably not surprised to hear that Monday mornings arrive much too early for me. Here is how we gracefully spent our Monday morning (and the rest of the day). Perhaps Monday was perfect today because my family and I got to spend Saturday and part of Sunday with my … More Enjoying Monday