Motherhood: The Importance of Talking Over Dinner 

Perhaps we should call this post “Why talking over dinner, and talking in general with your child as they enter the cesspool of school and life is important!” I’ve heard the most interesting story from my fourth grader over dinner this evening. While sitting and listening to my oldest son share his experiences, favorites, and … More Motherhood: The Importance of Talking Over Dinner 

Driving in Japan

  Before moving to Japan, one of the things I was the most nervous about was driving. Not just driving in a foreign country, but driving in a country with Kanji marking signs I didn’t understand (yet), and driving on the wrong side left side of the road.     The majority of the world … More Driving in Japan

Have a great weekend 

I’m looking forward to our weekend together. My sons are finishing out their second week of school, and we’re all getting back into the  school year routine. My sons have also started soccer season. Which I love, as do they. We’re planning on watching their soccer games, enjoying brunch with friends, and exploring in Japan, … More Have a great weekend 

What Parents Should Say As Their Children Perform

My sons have just started their spring baseball season this year. As a parent I love watching them practice, see them as a community member among their peers, taking critiques and tips from their coaches, and watching them learn and laugh. Honestly, I love the whole process: trying to find their bat from last year, … More What Parents Should Say As Their Children Perform

Hotel Keihan Universal City Osaka, Japan

While visiting Osaka we stayed at Hotel Keihan Universal Tower in Universal City. Towards universal City from Shin-Osaka: Shin-Osaka arrived via bullet train, exit jr exit, take platform 15 and 16 to main osaka station. At main Osaka station take pink osaka loop line, platform one towards Universal City. At Nishikujo after exiting train transferred … More Hotel Keihan Universal City Osaka, Japan