Enjoying Monday

I’m not a morning person. You’re probably not surprised to hear that Monday mornings arrive much too early for me. Here is how we gracefully spent our Monday morning (and the rest of the day). Perhaps Monday was perfect today because my family and I got to spend Saturday and part of Sunday with my … More Enjoying Monday

Setting Limits

Motherhood. It’s wonderful. I adore my children and make them a priority everyday. I am not perfect. I’m simply trying the best I can with my children to be present. Motherhood. It is also about setting limits. If you are a parent we all have our cautionary tales of those times we have not set … More Setting Limits

Baby Cardigan

Months ago I started knitting a baby cardigan for our darling girl. I had forgotten how much time knitting takes. I also overestimated how much time I had to complete this knitting task. Now, with our baby sleeping through the night (most of the time) and going down at a reasonable bedtime, I’ve had time … More Baby Cardigan

Blog reading

This weekend I found this blog Effortless Style. I already adore it. After living in Charleston for three years I can relate to the “southern charmed” lifestyle and admire her inspiring designs. Perhaps you’ll enjoy this blog too?

Greek Yogurt, Popcorn Bacon and Green Peas

This poor neglected blog has been left unattended for weeks now. I blame the neglect on two birthdays in our family and on Lent. Parties particularly for children take a lot of work. Especially when your child’s preschool will not hand out invitations, regardless if you invited the entire class. Our youngest son had quite … More Greek Yogurt, Popcorn Bacon and Green Peas