A Toddler’s Potty Training Antics

You initially start potty training two to three months earlier than reasonable due to peer pressure from other friends with toddlers. You quickly realize the toddler who keeps urinating consistently on your tatami floors, needs more than 20 minute bathroom break reminders; she simply needs a diaper! You wisely put her back in diapers, and tell yourself you’ll conquer potty training at the start of the new year. … More A Toddler’s Potty Training Antics

Motherhood on Monday: The Power of Sharing Family History

My oldest, who is eight-years-old, started repetitively asking me, “Please tell me a story about your life, or your family’s life?” He started inquiring during winter break while on a road trip, at my parents home, during dinner and at bedtime. My son continued to ask his grandparents, father and other family members. I came … More Motherhood on Monday: The Power of Sharing Family History

My shopping helper

My youngest son wasn’t impressed with the morning camp both sons went to yesterday. He thinks, “It is [the camp is] loud, boring and a bit annoying.” G even told our sweet neighbor friend that, “I’m not looking forward to going tomorrow.” As of this morning he still had not changed his mind. There are … More My shopping helper