Kawaii Monsters Cafe: Harajuku,  Tokyo 

 Two weeks ago we went to the infamous Kawaii Monster Cafe by Sebastian Masuda in the Harajuku area of Tokyo. It was as creative and amazing as advertised. There were cute monsters, as the word kawaii denotes “cute”, adorable desserts, delicious food, and fun themed japanese dishes with wasabi dip, and scientific dessert concoctions. Even … More Kawaii Monsters Cafe: Harajuku,  Tokyo 

Tanabata: July 7th

Tanabata is celebrated on July 7th here in Japan. I took my children, and my oldest son’s friend, to a kids Japanese cooking class. Classes were lead by a talented Japanese mom, Saori, who runs her own business Saori’s Kitchen. Here are a few pictures of my kids helping cook, learn, and enjoy a yummy … More Tanabata: July 7th