Have a relaxing weekend. 

We are looking forward to enjoying watching my sons’ last soccer games of the season, their end of season soccer award parties, some time together as a family at the park, and catching up on household chores and some much needed rest. 

Enjoy your weekend and these links around the web:

30 Fair Trade Clothing Brands That Are Betting Against Fast Fashion 

6 Lessons from the Country with the Healthiest Kids

8 Tips for Setting an Allowance for Kids of All Ages 

Marshmallow cats 

Triathlon competitor 

Lessons you learned from your piano teacher

Tell me if my kid is being an asshole

Overthinking worriers may be creative geniuses. 

Missing connections post worthy of a Pulitzer Prize

Katheryn Beaumont modeled for Disney animation

Picture taken looking out from under a pine bough from Moritodaimyojin Shrine in Hayama, Japan towards a Tori gate in the rocky waters facing Enoshima Island and Mt. Fuji. 

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