Morito Daimyojin Shinto Shrine  

Yesterday after eating brunch at Prime Brunch, our sweet friend Stephanie showed us the Morito Daimyojin Shinto Shrine in Hayama, Japan. 

It’s a beautiful shrine located on Morito beach, with lots of parking, a view over to the touristy part of Morito beach, and a stunning view out into Sagami Bay. On the outskirts of the shrine you have access to a small sandy beach and rocky tide pool areas begging to be used for picnicking, and tide pool exploration at low-tide. Breathtaking views of Mt.Fuji, Enoshima Island, Sagami Bay, and Morita beach and marina. 

It’s a beautiful shrine with gorgeous surroundings. 

Here are the details:


Address: 1025 Horiuchi, Hayama, Miura District, Kanagawa Prefecture 240-0112, Japan


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