Have a great weekend 

I’m looking forward to our weekend together. My sons are finishing out their second week of school, and we’re all getting back into the  school year routine. My sons have also started soccer season. Which I love, as do they. We’re planning on watching their soccer games, enjoying brunch with friends, and exploring in Japan, and relaxing at home and the park. 
Enjoy these links around the web: 

What the ideal grocery store could look like. 
A new preschool design in Japan. My toddler, almost preschool would be delighted!

The science of the importance of reading to children (and yourselves)! 

An apology to stay-at-home-moms

30 Questions to ask your child about their day, instead of “How was your day?”. Specific questions help improve dialogue . Great dinner table fodder. 

Ready to write a novel? Prepare for Nanowrimo (National novel writing month in November)! 

Tropical Storm Etau this week.  

Japanese Levee, North of Tokyo, fails causing severe flooding and evacuations. 

Sleepless with the enemy. How sleep deprivation changes the brain. 

Xoxo Enjoy your weekend! 

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