Have a wonderful weekend.

We’ve started our weekend off with family movies, cuddling a whiny toddler with ear pain who screams so loudly when we give her ear drops, and a Saturday morning full of watching my sons first baseball games of the season.

We’re also watching my friend’s children so her and her husband can go on a date. My friend watched our children so my husband and I could go on a date last weekend to New Sanno Hotel for brunch and then a tour to Kiyosumi Gardens and the Edo Museum in Tokyo.

What are your plans this weekend?

Enjoy these links around the web:

Love Dress Me Wallpaper idea for happy kids with crayons.

What parents should say to their child as they preform (sports, plays, music concerts, etc).

Only in Japan; cute toilet seat themed drinks!

The science of why you should spend your money on experiences instead of things. I completely agree!

Happy homes have these 5 things!

Wholeness parenting.

Stanford just made tuition free for students whose families earn less than $125,000 a year.

Dove’s One Beautiful Thought!

Picture above of beautiful azaleas that are in full bloom throughout my neighborhood and Japan.

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