Have a calm weekend

We arrived home from visiting my husband in Guam. We had a wonderful time visiting him, and spending  time together as a family. Unfortunately, typhoon Vongfong rained on our parade, literally and figuratively. My husband’s ship was sent out two days early, and we were stranded an additional two days. It was an adventure. Upon our return my youngest son’s eardrum ruptured, and his pediatrician confirmed my suspicions that he had an ear infection. We also went to Yokohama for a day trip to try and replace my iPhone that my oldest son took “swimming” in the ocean. We quickly learned that we get to face the same storm twice; VongFong is projected to hit our local area in Japan on Tuesday. This weekend, we are trying to recollect, reorganize, and refocus! All with dignity and grace, of course!


Recalling gratitude in the midst of chaos this week:

1. I’m grateful for friends, amazing friends and neighbors who helped us as we were camped out at the hotel and helped us wether the storm and enjoy the water park once the rain and winds subsided. I’m grateful for good friends to travel with. I’m grateful for a good friend who accompanied me to Yokohama yesterday in hopes of replacing my phone and enjoyed delicious Italian pizza and perusing through a Tokyo Hands craft store with!

2. I’m grateful we got to see my husband. We had a lot of fun together, even on our “ride the ducks” tour through Guam, and getting stuck in a Micronesian downpour.

3. I’m grateful to be home to settle into our routine, pick up our dog, and eat of real utensils; the hotel utensils kept snapping. It truly is the “little things”.  I enjoyed watching my sons play soccer this morning, and taking my children to one of their classmates birthday parties this afternoon.


Enjoy a calm and peaceful weekend.

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