Have a wonderful weekend

These past few weeks have flown by. School schedules, soccer, and toddler activities have kept us busy. I’ve tried to slow down by taking big breaths, doing less, and enjoying life more.

Resonating, from last weekend around the web post, I’ll be sharing at least three things I’m grateful for. This week I am grateful for:

1. We enjoyed celebrating our oldest son’s birthday last weekend. I can’t believe he is already nine! It’s his last year in the single digits. I’m grateful for our sweet, precocious, and humorous son, J. I’m so lucky to be his mother.

2. I’m grateful for the changing weather. It’s getting cooler, less humid, and the leaves in our hedge bushes surrounding our home are starting to turn a vivid red color.

3. I’m grateful for the weekend. I look forward to relaxing, and enjoying quality non-school day tranquility (okay, for the most part). I’m looking forward to earned ice cream trip, family movie night, Saturday soccer games, a modeling fair for C, and Sunday to do very little except to relax, read, and enjoy the outdoors after church.

Enjoy these links around the web:

Boston’s 113 Year Old Hidden Time Capsule

Why one parent Turned Off the TV.

Another funny post by renegade mothering blog, To The Humans Wondering Why I’m Always Late.

A recipe for Gak. My oldest son came home begging that I make this for him.

Global Parenting Habits That Haven’t Caught On in the US. Interesting read!

Redecorating your bedroom? Check out these color suggestions: 8 Incredible Paint Colors for Your Bedroom.

Great insight on how to treat your children: instead treat them as the bible teaches us how to treat our neighbors.

I needed to read this one:
7 steps on how to be a well behaved parent.

Ken Follets’ book, Edge of Eternity, is out! I’ve ordered myself a copy, and can’t wait to read it!

25 Telltale Signs You’re a Military Spouse

Have wonderful weekend!


P.S. Featured picture of C observing flowers, in our neighborhood this morning, on our walk. I love moments like these.

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