Parenting: Chores and Family Contributions

I’ll admit, we’ve been having a hard time sticking to our current chore chart and family contribution and accountability sheet. I took my oldest to exchange two of his birthday presents, and as my youngest son stood their asking if he could buy a toy, I was quickly reminded of my lack of accountability in helping fill out their chore chart. I have no clue how much he has earned in the last, gulp, two weeks! I’ll give it a good guess, and ask him to help me with his chore chart, too.

All families may have a myriad of ways they dole out allowances and keep kids accountable to their chore charts. I will will admit I’ve failed on doing both since my children’s allowance earned at the end of the week depends on how much they’ve earned, but also depends on how many “fines” they’ve acquired throughout the week. Not doing chores in our household, exhibiting poor manners at the dinner table, chucking things around in the car, fighting unnecessarily when we are all running late for school, only adds extra change to this momma’s Starbucks and parenting therapy fund. I am joking about using this change for the latter, but in all seriousness, we believe that their are consequences and rewards that are dependent on your choices and behaviors. Our love is always unconditional. Allowance is earned. We also make both sons save 10% of earned allowance for charitable giving, and 10% of earned allowance goes into their savings fund (which is their contribution to their college fund).

Since school has started for my sons, my mind has been blown. It has been busy. Soccer season started the subsequent week after school started. My husband is on deployment, and I’ll admit these events have brought clearly to light that I need to work on my organization skills. Even with a helpful babysitter, I’ve discovered a few areas of personal improvement in my tasks of running, well, managing our home with some dignity and grace.

I found this adorable chore chart on the blog Polka Dot and Pixies. I’ve printed this chore chart, and I’m planning on trying it for this week.

In the search for a children’s chore chart, I came across this organizational blog, A Bowl Full of Lemons. They’ve earned a new reader, who will hopefully put their organizational advice to use.

Please tell me what types of chore charts and chores are you using with your children? What types of organizational tips are you using in your home? Which blogs or magazines are you reading to help and inspiring you to organize your home, car, and life?

I’d love to hear what you are finding useful.

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