Have a grateful and calm weekend

This week has been full of working out the hiccups in schedules, sometimes conflicting schedules, to make our days carry on with some sense of grace and dignity! We are back from our lovely vacation in Bali, my sons started school this week, my husband is back out on deployment, and soccer season started! It’s been eventful to say the least! In the midst of all the emotions I’ve been trying to stay focused and grateful; counting your blessings helps me to keep that sense of dignity and grace I need. Recounting gratitude helps reduce stress! So I’ll be listing three things (or more) I’m grateful for before each weekend starts to set some type of balance:

1. I’m grateful to spend so much time with my husband and children on our vacation to beautiful Bali.

2. I’m grateful for a fabulous lunch and coffee date out, post vacation trip, with my husband before he was back “sailing the high seas”.

3. I’m forever grateful for our community here in Kanagawa, Japan who lift us up, welcome us home, teach our children, say good morning to us each day, check in on us, help me find a school supply list, allow my children to start school late to ensure we can go on a family vacation, and a very sweet neighbor who brought me wine and cleaner to help me clean dog poop on tatami mats incident!

4. I’m grateful, Huston we have hot water! Our hot water went out at the beginning of Obon; everyone is mostly on vacation. Our gas was still working, and thus was not deemed an emergency. Then we went on vacation. Our showers weren’t “that”cold in the midst of August, but with already cooler temperatures emerging, my last cold shower was, well, COLD! I went to housing, and requested they fix it now that Obon is over. They replaced it in two days. No more cold showers or boiling waters for children’s baths.

Here are some links around the web for your weekend reading:

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A complete guide to traveling Bali with children.

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Photo above: Rice field terraces in Bali. Seeing the Bali rice fields was one of my favorite views in Bali.

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