Have A Charming Weekend


We are looking forward to continuing to be part of Obon, Buddist Japanese, celebrated around the 15th in the eastern part of Japan. We are going to join a friend’s neighborhood Bon Odori celebration, dinner with another friend, and try to organize our home and vegetable garden. I’ve also got three new planters to fill with some type of low maintenance flowers. We may have a lot of fun at our local D2 this weekend, too.

Enjoy these links around the web:

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Love this: How to talk to your daughter about her body.

Be A Happier, Healthier Person. Must read.

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Rock’n’Roll history in Japan.

Eight foods to eat when you’re stressed!

Responsible parenting: 12 ways to be the ‘meanest mom in the world’.

Last weeks newly discovered crater in Siberia.

Ending with a laugh. Exaggerated soccer injuries look ridiculous of the field.

Have a wonderful weekend. Xoxo

Picture above by friend, Elizabeth, taken at the lantern release of Tourounagashi, at Mikasa Park Thursday evening. Lights represent loved ones, and thousands floated upon the waters in Yokosuka Thursday evening.

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