Have a wonderful weekend


We’ve had a wonderful time yesterday and today celebrating our daughter Cora’s second birthday. We are going to continue to relish her by singing the “Happy birthday song” to her, because her eyes light up and she vocally joins in. I’ll continue to enjoy these days with our sweet kids, because they are still so little, yet getting so big at the same time. We also plan on heading to the pool, reading more Harry Potter together, find some tomato cages for our garden, enjoy walks together in our neighborhood, and fully enjoying these laid back mid-summer days together.

Here are some links around the web to enjoy reading during the weekend:

Remember to teach your children empathy this summer. It’s good for all of us. We need to work on this.

The hard part of teaching

For science geeks like myself: Why maternal age matters, and not the age of the age of the egg.

Raju the elephant, freed at last.

Typhoon Neoguri is finally moving past Japan. We had a small amout of rain and strong winds last night in our neighborhood, but were gratefully spared from this storm, we awoke to a bright sunny day.

The only six words parents need to say to their children during sports– or any performance.

What BMW of Newport should have done with the USS Saratoga. Having lived in charming Newport, Rhode Island for six months, we saw the USS Saratoga multiple times a week tied up to a pier waiting to be salvaged.

How to substitute baking powder for baking soda. I used this Wednesday while baking Cora’s 1-2-3-4 Cake.

Teach your child to not interrupt in one simple step.

These made me laugh. 30 ways to tell if your child is turning into a hipster.

Have a wonderful weekend! Any great plans?

Picture above of C, sporting sunglasses at her dentist appointment this week. More pictures on Instagram.

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