Cora Turns Two-Years-Old

Our sweet daughter, Cora, turned two today! It’s wonderful and a bittersweet at the same time. She’s brought such joy, love and laughter to our lives. I’m so grateful to be her mother. Cora is so much fun to take on walks with her brothers and her dog, she points out bugs, flowers, and finds every puddle to splash in and then giggles with delight. She’s our angel and brings us such joy with her inquisitiveness, language bursts, and kind heart. We’ll be celebrating her birthday with cupcakes at the pool this evening as a family. We celebrated Cora’s birthday yesterday with friends. She liked her monkey cake, sweet friends who’ve become like family to us, and dancing to the music at the bowling alley. Cora’s brothers helped her blow out the candles on her birthday cake. Cora touched the candles on her cake after they had cooled, and said, “Ow! They bit me!” Happy birthday, sweet Cora!





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