Making Japanese Style Tempura


For the last six months while living in Japan, I’ve been eating amazing Japanese style food from high end sushi to the simple pickup-and-take-home pre-made dishes at the local 7 and i Holdings (7-11) or Family Mart stores here in the Kanagawa prefecture. Regardless of where, I’ve only encountered delicious Japanese style food. Delightfully, my children have been embracing these dishes and foods, too.

A recent visit to the new locally opened “Sushi-box” restaurant in Yokosuka, prompted me to try making tempura for the first time. I used the shrimp, carrots, and green beans sitting in my refrigerator. While lightly coating the shrimp and vegetables with tempura batter and then frying them, I had Japanese sweet rice cooking in our rice cooker. Overall, dinner turned out delicious. Even my sons complimented me on the delicious green beans and rice. I plan on trying to attempt making tempura pumpkin and a few other Sushi-box inspired dishes soon!

What do you make tempura style in your kitchen? What types of Japanese dishes do you eat at home or at restaurants?

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