Have a blissful weekend

We’re planning on tackling those last few boxes lingering in our halls and in our sons room, enjoy time at a park with our kids, have some friends over for dinner who are moving back to the U.S. soon, relax, catch up on sleep and adore the cherry blossoms out in Japan right now!

Enjoy these links from around the web:

I’m looking forward to reading Jolie Kerr’s new book My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag… and Other Things You Can’t Ask Martha .

Yesterday, while preparing a Beef Wellington dish for dinner tonight, I had to review the difference between Shallots vs. Onions while making the mushroom duxelles.

Business words you should stop using; always a lesson available from the grammar police!

I’m sure my sons will be delighted by this new chore chart.

Collin Powell’s Vintage Selfie .

Go tell a mom she’s awesome!

Five Shocking Reasons Americans waistlines are expanding.

We all want happy kids. Here’s What You Should Know About Kids’ Happiness.

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