Motherhood on Mondays: Balance on Mondays

It’s amazing how some Mondays are so easy to bounce back from the weekend, and other Mondays are harder. Today was smooth, in most ways cathartic to an emotional and exhausting weekend with the move-in process continually lingering and trying to balance spending time with three young kids. I’d much rather spend time with my kids without the boxes in case you’re wondering. Regardless, box forts in our tatami room have been built, and a fun trip to the local Japanese children’s museum was taken, and miss C with her awful cough slept in our bed all weekend. Poor girl couldn’t sleep with us by her side. But maybe it was me who couldn’t sleep with hearing her cough in the next room. Sleeping with her was much more reassuring. Our sons often sneak into our room on the weekends too, making our small 1,500 sq feet Japanese home seem big when everyone sleeps in the same room!

I figured out a local toll road, the Yokosuka / Yokohama toll road, this morning; shaving 15 minutes off our commute. Completely worth ¥300!

I read Green Eggs and Ham to J’s class for celebrate Dr. Seuss. All while reading Miss C found a small candy cane and ate parts and brought what she didn’t want back to me halfway throughout reading the story to 20+ grade school children while the teacher recorded me reading on her iPad. It made me laugh. This is the reality of motherhood, that makes me laugh, always the sweet unexpected.

My sweet friend Carol had her baby girl this morning. It made me smile from ear to ear, because I’m just so happy for her and her family!

A walk with our dog, and a morning nap with Miss C who wouldn’t nap alone after sleeping with us this weekend. So I read, and messaged my Dad on the other side of the Pacific Ocean and relaxed. Just as one should after a weekend with kids and a husband. I needed to rest as much as Miss C and enjoyed her cuddles. And I avoided all housework cuddling with her. Score!

Then to school pickup, playing outside with friends for an entire hour (it’s just as good for me as for them), swinging miss C on the swing over and over, and then off to Kumon and piano. Reading and playing with Miss C during her brothers’ lessons. All homework done while their brother played with piano teacher, and then pizza and ice cream (the biggest shakes ordered by my sons) together as a family. Followed by bedtime baths, books and making a few whacky pictures together on my iPhone (always G’s idea).

Once again my kids have taught me more today about how to enjoy life and relax, while accomplishing a lot too.

Not bad for a Monday, eh? How did you spend your Monday?

Picture below reading Miss C one of her favorite books: Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumb


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