Brunch for two, please!

School mornings are quite hectic in our household. We try our best to get to school on time with some grace. Some mornings we have more grace than other mornings.

This week has been especially busy; our household goods arrived, we had dentist appointments, my husband’s birthday, a vet appointment and my husband was gone all last week in San Diego. I managed to not just survive, but had a graceful week overseas alone with three kids.

With all the hustle and bustle this is why I am grateful to relax this morning with Miss C. We have a tradition to try to come home after morning drop off and have brunch together. It’s a great downtime where we usually eat eggs, toast and fruit together while we talk and sing a few nursery rhymes together.


Brunch with sweet Miss C always sets the day out on a calmer tone! We started our brunch tradition around Miss C turning 11 1/2 months. She wasn’t eating food well, just some advocados, rice puffs and banana. The rest of the puréed veggies she just scoffed at, regardless how much time I had spent on making her healthy baby food. All those puréed veggies and most of the rice cereal she spit out, her Baby Bjorn bib catching most of her food as it slid down her chin. I kept on trying to introduce her to healthy food, and told myself that even if she didn’t eat much food she was still being introduced to it through a quick taste, feeling it, smelling it and seeing it. My sons were quick eaters and loved to join us for meals as young toddlers. With Miss C, she watched, observed, played and then mostly still wanted to nurse. I had to just keep eating a lot of healthy food and drink a lot of water to keep up my milk supply. After a bit of frustration, and feeling as though I was failing my daughter by her refusing to eat real food, I came to an understanding that it was more important for her to see me and her family have a healthy relationship with food and to show her the social mores of family meals together. I stopped measuring my success, in regards to teaching her how to eat, by how much and what she ate and measured my success as how we introducing her to healthy foods and how we ate them together. Miss C saw us eating as a family, buying healthy foods from grocery store, watched her brothers and parents prepare food and then watched us eat together. We adopted the baby lead weaning process and hoped for results. Miss C would stir up her asparagus, squish her potatoes, squash her peas and nibble on a bit of chicken. She usually eats her fruit, and other naturally sweet items were chosen earlier.

Now at 19 months, she’s eating broccoli, peas, potatoes, loves noodles especially spaghetti, bread, apples, oranges, green beans, bread and more. And while she’s still nursing three times a day, she is actually eating a decent amount of real food. I’ll admit it has been seven months of a lot of introduction and trying to maintain the baby lead weaning attitude and maintain calm and leading by nutritional example. We ‘re making progress by eating meals together where she’s eating enough too!

While I love the quality time to eat together and relax while having brunch together, I also like to notice how our relationship with food has improved together. It makes me smile when she picks up her toast, takes a bit of egg on her toddler fork and then feeds herself. We are making a lot of progress and showing her how to have a healthy relationship with food to lay a foundation for the rest of her lifetime. We’re accomplishing great things one brunch and meal at a time together!

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