Pachyderm Nursery Project

Pachyderm Nursery Project

When completing our daughter’s nursery I was looking for something adorable that tied her nursery set (Melrose baby crib bedding by Sweet Potato)
together with the dark vivid Ikea purple curtains we got her.

Then, I was reading one of my favorite blogs Alewives Girl by Rhea Butler
and loved this post.

Without hesitation I ordered the delightful Mini Pattern: Effie and Ollie Elephant by Heather Bailey from Alewives Fabric, a “dream” store based in Maine, that I will visit someday when we get back to New England! Then I spent, my husband would say too much, on the Melrose matching fabric.

I wasn’t sure which percentages I should enlarge the pattern to create the “mom” and “dad” elephants, but this is what I came up with and I’m very happy with it! It even made it into one of C’s newborn photos taken in her nursery.

Here’s an up close photo of these adorable pachyderms placed in her crib for a photo op:


Note, I made this last summer, I’m now getting enough sleep to blog about it. Smile.

P.S. C now makes a pachyderm pile with the help of her five-year-old brother and then they race to knock them over. C also likes to carry the “baby” elephant around upstairs in our home. She adores and plays with them as much as I was hoping she would.

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