Happy Valentine’s Day!

My little Valentines!

We’ve got snow, and lots of it here in Japan this weekend. School was canceled today, and I’ve enjoyed a much needed day at home with my children. And my husband came home early from work, too!

I love all the notes and gifts I get from my kids and husband on Valentine’s Day. While I love the sappy card from my husband; I equally adore the paper plane made out of origami, the card made out a year book order form from school and the heart containing glitter that pronounced: “I love you Mommy and Daddy because you buy me blankets” From G. (We bought both sons Mario comforters and Mario blankets for the borrowed NWR beds while we are waiting on our household goods delivery.)

I made some delicious Chicken Parmesan for dinner. Battling/ learning how to use a Japanese oven/microwave. The trick may be to cook less American/Italian/ western food here. 😉

Here are some links from around the web.

What is Galentine’s Day?

Quotation for my favorite friends.

A sad, and moving love story of one families love for their precious daughter. Grab tissues.

My favorite chocolate truffles. When I have these I often share these chocolates with my oldest son while we read at bedtime.

Ten greatest love stories in history.

I want to make this delicious looking cake. Yum!

Happy Valentine’s Day, all! Have a wonderful weekend.

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