Snow in Japan and Moving In Our Home

We were suppose to move into our new Japanese home this last weekend, however, an uncommon blizzard, winds and snowfall hit this area of Japan. While we were content staying in the on-base hotel a few days longer, we had to laugh at the ridiculous timing of this uncommon snow occurrence.


We also had to laugh at these three playing the next day in the snow outside our local grocery store.


My husband attempted a move in on Sunday. But got stuck at the bottom of our hill to the house with our sons in the car. A story that will be shared years from now. We had asked a few Japanese locals what they do with the snow. They all replied, “we push it out” or we “put it out”. Which we found out means they push it out onto the roads. While the base was shoveled and plowed promptly the next day, the Japanese local roads were traveled little upon and snow was literally pushed out of driveways onto roads, just as the locals had told us. Then, we realized what they meant.

If you can’t move into your new home, you might as well watch the Olympics, read books and go to the new Lego Movie with friends?


We also went to Homes not far from base to preview furniture for our new place. My husband and I liked several options but agreed we needed to take measurements of rooms, and look the house over again before any final purchases. We did enjoy watching our youngest get excited over she spotted shopping at Homes, too! Apparently it is common for local shoppers to bring their pets into the stores in shopping carts with pads on the bottom, while perusing some stores. My daughter squealed and ran to point at each dog she saw saying, “Doggie. Doggie. Doggie!” Sweet big brother is reminding her not to touch the dogs.


Chasing dogs at furniture stores requires a long afternoon nap.


We stayed snug in our small 400 sq ft hotel room and enjoyed those short trip errands to get out together.

We made it to our new home this morning with an initial load. Here’s a picture of out our backyard.


We were surrounded by motorcycles on the way back. Motorcycle road rules are similar to those in the state of California. It makes me nervous!


This evening our youngest son began piano lessons. In our family once you are six you get the opportunity to play the piano. He did quite well and magically he was able to get a lesson slot right before his brother’s time with his teacher that I adore.


Moving is a lot of work. I always forget, every time. More house/ settling in updates to come in the future. Wish us luck for now.

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