Fiction on Friday: A Start


The thought, the creation of ghosts, Anna conceived as the inability to accept the definitive state of death. Anna perceived the existence, romanticism and mystification of ghosts was rather the inability that one created between the lost and the living. She thought not accepting this separation between living and dead, only proved that one did not understand the uniqueness of living and life. These precise beliefs is what made Anna so mad about those living whom lingered in a constant state of self imposed opaque convolution. Didn’t they understand the value of living? Today she noticed this uncertainty among a woman clearly living, yet the woman was struggling against a great fight in her mind. The lingering of the dead was certainly a myth.

Yet here before Anna she saw something she would never have believed if one had told her present experience to herself. She saw him typing. She saw his piles of disorganized papers. He was clearly present and existed in some state that Anna could not classify. The typing reminded her of the gentle hum she heard along with her fan at night, the gentle tapping of his foot reminded her of the sound of Benjamin’s foot taping during piano practice, and his light humming reminded Anna of her father. The overall scene not only intrigued Anna, but the charisma of this unknown soul calmed her at the same time. She felt peace that she had not felt for sometime.

Anna stood watching him work for some time. Then begrudgingly she felt as she was spying; a pariah, upon his work and should leave him to continue without her audience. Anna quietly tiptoed downstairs, through Benjamin’s room kissing him as she passed, and the placing her right hand upon her lower abdomen as she walked into her own room to lay down and rest. She fell asleep to the newly accepted gentle melody of taps, clicks and humming from above.

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