Moving days…

It’s feeling official now that we are in fact moving!

Long term storage movers came on Tuesday. They packed up our large furniture that is not conducive to where we will be living overseas.

Wednesday, we dropped off our car, named the chocolate goose, at the long term car storage. We’ve rented a beast of a car to fit us, our luggage, a stroller and a dog and his kennel in. Our sons love the big car, but I’m still intimidated by it and all its “bells and whistles”.

Yesterday and today, our overseas movers are here packing. Only our luggage that we are flying with and a few boxes we will mail overseas will not be packed.

See our beautiful living room?


Thank goodness that the navy contracts movers. The movers are doing a great job and we are grateful. We bought them pizza for lunch. Moving secret: Always buy your movers a quick lunch. Well fed and appreciated movers make the process go smoothly, and it reduces the chances your stuff gets broken. 🙂

We’ve been saying lots of goodbyes for now. The kids had a huge goodbye party Saturday. They’ve had goodbye play dates with friends. Friends have had us over for dinner. Our wonderful neighbors and friends have helped us with our sons while we pack. I’ve been grateful that several friends have thrown me goodbye dinners, last coffee dates together, last ladies knitting night , etc. I’ve been so grateful to know and connect with so many people here.

We are bound to go see family and old friends this weekend. Then Tuesday we fly to Japan! It’s crazy and exciting at the same time.

For now, I’m off to clean the refrigerator and the areas the packers are vacating; all while my baby girl sleeps in our master bedroom closet . Realities of moving, eh?

Wish us luck.

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