Motherhood on Monday: The Power of Sharing Family History

What family stories do you family share?
What family stories do you and your family share?

My oldest, who is eight-years-old, started repetitively asking me, “Please tell me a story about your life, or your family’s life?” He started inquiring during winter break while on a road trip, at my parents home, during dinner and at bedtime. My son continued to ask his grandparents, father and other family members. I came up with a a few great family memories to share, a few stories from college, and a lot of childhood memories that involved my siblings and parents. We shared a multitude of stories this winter break. J continued to ask in delight for more stories. And just when I started getting tired of sharing these stories I came upon this article The Family Stories That Bind Us. Perfect positive parenting reinforcement, eh? I found the article interesting , helpful and amazing that studies show that sharing family stories with young children has been found to reduce stress and make your child more resilient in different situations. Wow!

I’m a huge advocate of the power of talking to your child. Sharing family stories had already been helpful in that they made us laugh and bond together. My family stories made my husband laugh about stories he had never known before about my family and childhood. I learned new things from the stories my husband shared. Most powerfully sharing these stories helped us all feel more connected to our extended family at a time when we need it most during the stress and anxiety of our pre-move and goodbyes till I see you soon.

After the kids had gone to bed, stories of an infamous Great Uncle Pete surfaced along with many others that made me laugh until I almost cried. These stories helped me not only feel connect with extended family, but also gave me better insight into my paternal Grandfather’s childhood, a grandfather who passed away ten years ago.

I shared the above article about the Power of Sharing the stories that bind us a family to my husband. We’ve kept sharing stories, omitted some funny but not age appropriate parts, and keep on laughing during the process.

So keep on talking to your child and share some or a lot of age appropriate stories that reveal family history to your kids!

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