New Years Resolutions

Everett Children's Museum with C
Everett Children’s Museum with C

This morning, I enjoyed a fun trip with my kids and husband to the Everett Children’s Museum. I think I anticipate and have just as much fun taking the kids to these places as much as they do. Above is a picture of Miss C and I playing in one of her favorite areas; the water sensory play area!

I’ve been thinking about my goals and resolutions for 2014. The secret to keeping those resolutions are to keep the resolutions simple and obtainable. After a lot of thought here are my New Years goals/ resolutions for 2014:
1. To be more present (especially with my family)
2. Get more sleep
3. Do more sit-ups
4. More slow gentle exercise
5.To spend less time online
6. Read more books
7. Learn more Japanese
8. Be kind
9. Be patient
10. Travel
I’m thinking that all these are obtainable this year. Last year, I had a newborn who became a very sleepless infant for months. Now that C is sleeping through the night I’m looking forward to reading more books, learning Japanese with our impending move to Japan and traveling around the surrounding area. The hardest goal on the above list for me will be doing sit-ups constantly. I’ve been working on them the last week, and my stomach already hurts. Wish me luck on that one, because I’m going to need it. More importantly I’m really going to focus on being more present, getting more sleep, being kind, being patient and that slow must needed exercise that really helps me feel better. These later items are also going to be easier since I’m once again getting at least a full seven hours of sleep. To me being more present, being kind and patient, and that slow gently exercise are also much bigger indicators of success. These characteristics of being  present, patience, kindness, getting outdoors and moving are also huge to emphasize when raising children; they are always watching and learning. I hope to lead by example to my children especially in these areas this year!
What are your New Years resolutions and goals for 2014? What are your parenting goals this year?

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