Moving Preparedness

I’m, we are, moving to Japan for two years in TWO WEEKS! While I’d love to give you a long list of moving tips right now, I can’t. I’m still working through my own list of to-dos. I’m sure a list from thoughtful insight over the next two weeks will come, as well as “Monday night quarterback” thoughts of “I wish I would have done this” are coming.

For now I’ll share what made me laugh this morning. By the time my children and I had awoke, my husband had already gone to the base to get paperwork cleared for long term storage for our car. We went downstairs and I found my husband’s/ our to-do list:
1. Sell the truck
2. Rent the house
3. Clean the garage

Easy peesy, right?!?! No. simply; not easy. I chuckled to myself and thought, “only a Navy wife finds and makes these type of to-do lists every two or so years! Little faith do I have, because I thought these things are not going to be completed for months realistically?!?!

A kind neighbor watched our sons/ had them over for a play date with her children for a few hours while I listened to TED Talks while accomplishing items on my to-do list that are as equally as exciting (i.e. going through childrens’ clothes, closets, and clearing out our “Harry Potter” style closet under the stairs of “treasures”. I got lost in the stacks, the bags reallocated to recycling, the pile of keepsakes from our children, and books that we’ve kept from college. Dear, it’s been over a decade and we’ve been schlepping those college books around to multiple duty stations! Why have we kept them? Because we may need them someday, eh?!?! Those college text books are definitely going into long- term storage and not overseas!

On a tangent, when you move overseas via the NAVY, you get two “pack outs”; one shipment to be sent overseas, and the other shipment to long-term storage. My husband and I have been making these two lists on paper for months. You also can only have the military store one car per household, hence the needing to sell our other vehicle.

In the midst of those reallocated piles from our under the stairs closet, I was startled by my sons coming home. Oh no, it was already after 3 P.M. I needed to get our oldest to vision therapy soon!

Then, came my husband walking through the front door smiling proudly! The guy who he showed the truck to at our local QFC had bought my husband’s truck, for more than we had expected! Hurray! Number one of the to-do list, ACCOMPLISHED!

I took our oldest son to vision therapy, then to exchange a few items recently bought, and then to our favorite bookstore. My oldest and I go on special mother/son time after vision therapy quite regularly. It’s a great time to connect to him and figure out what interests him and makes him “tick”! Dinner together, another Geronimo Stilton fantasy book purchased, another chocolate chip cookie jointly consumed and a whoopsie cushion purchased and used to J’s delight made our time pass quickly. Then, my husband sends me a text telling me our house is to be rented a week or so after we move! Item number dos from the to-do list, ACCOMPLISHED! We were both ecstatic! Surely, the truck must be a GOD-thing! How can both happen so quickly?!?! Whatever your beliefs, we are feeling very grateful and our stress levels have gone down dramatically! Thank you, God!

In regards to number three on my husband’s list, the scary closet under the stairs and other items, we’re still working on them. Those are on the list for tomorrow; for today we are counting our blessings! And now that our children are in bed, I’m relaxing in a nice bath, while updating the blog and reading a Japanese guidebook, of course! 😉


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