Merry Christmas

I awoke this Christmas a little after six this morning with our youngest, and saw our oldest sitting in the living room recliner reading his favorite Mickey Mouse comic book. I just smiled and asked, “J how long have you been awake?” To which he replies while eyeing the presents, “I’m not sure. A while.” Classic children and parent scenario on Christmas Day. I begged him to let us sleep a bit longer , and he let us for another 45 minutes.

We enjoyed watching the kids open presents and a few for ourselves.


Then we enjoyed breakfast together, watched C enjoy her cooking set, and the boys play their new Nintendo 3DS’ and art items.

We stayed in our pajamas till past noon. Finally we got it together.


Then, my husband searched for a coffee place for us. Have I mentioned how much I adore him?!?!

We headed to my Aunt’s house, bringing another spinach dip dish to share, of course. Another Aunt taught me how to make her delicious seafood, potato, veggies cream soup that I hope to replicate someday soon. We had a wonderful dinner with family and headed home to ensure an early bedtime after a wonderful day.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Here is my favorite Christmas poem below.

by Anne Porter

Once in the Advent season
When I was walking down
A narrow street

I met a flock of children
Who all came running up to me
Saying that they were prophets
And for a penny they
Would prophesy

I gave them each a penny

They started out
By rummaging in trash-cans
Until they found
A ragged piece of silk

It’s blue, they said
Blue is a holy color
Blue is the color that
The mountains are
When they are far away

They laid the rag
On a small fire
Of newspaper and shavings
And burned it in the street

They scraped up all the ashes
And with them decorated
Each other’s faces

Then they ran back to me
And stood
In a circle ‘round me

We stood that way
In a solemn silence
One of the children spoke

It was the prophecy!

He said that long before
The pear tree blossoms
Or sparrows in the hedges
Begin to sing

A Child will be our King.

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