Merry Christmas Eve

I’m not sure who, this big kid or my children, in our household has been more excited for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Let’s call it a tie.

It’s always a time of year I look forward to. Spending time with family, watching my kids get excited and playing with their cousins, and eating lots of great food.

I’m feeling awful domestic today, too. I made a huge batch this yummy spinach dip:

and separated it into three dishes for three different family gathering events today and tomorrow. Shhhh…Don’t tell anyone I accidentally excluded the sour cream and hot sauce out of the recipe.

I also finished Miss C’s hat to match her cardigan.


Received this small beautiful Egyptian rug from my Dad who recently traveled to Egypt.


My kids making my snowflakes with Grandma.





We went to our Uncle and Aunts with our family to see our cousins and extended family.

Then, we came home to put on our Christmas Eve pajamas, per tradition, and to watch a short Charlie Brown Christmas movie.


Then, a short story of The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore to the boys at bedtime. The boys are so excited for tomorrow.

An out-of-town aunt and uncle and cousins from Alaska showed up and we’ve been laughing for hours now.

Merry Christmas you all!

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