On Parenting Bragging

no bragging

Report cards come out today in our competitive school district. Everyone should be very proud, loving and supportive of their young child. I’m a huge advocate of  “no child bragging” particularly about academics on Facebook, this blog, the playground, at play dates and in general of the community of parenting. Glennon Melton could not have said it better to as why my husband and I don’t brag about our kids in this regard, and I agree full heartedly with her blog post (link attached) particularly these reasons for no child bragging: 1. Our children’s confidence in our unconditional love for them. 2. Our love and respect for other parents. Particularly respect for our friends, who are parents struggling with their children with learning disorders, autism, cerebral palsy, etc whose kids really are having a hard time “making it up the stairs much less up and down the soccer field.” 

Words for thought parents on report card day. 🙂 

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