A lot to be thankful for

I’ve been reflecting on all the things I’m thankful for. Undoubtably, I’m most thankful for my family, my kids and my friends. I’m also thankful for all the cute Thanksgiving crafts that my boys brought home from school. I spent Thanksgiving weekend with my family and extended family. It happened to be my birthday during thanksgiving weekend, too. Family was already gathered, and then out came a cake with candles, and my family was singing to me, and there was presents, too! My Dad had spent the morning with us taking photos of my family and I for holiday photos and for an updated version to put on our wall. And the photos turned our well. I’m one lucky lady to have such a sweet supportive family!

I’m against Black Friday shopping; it seems paradoxical hours after celebrating how and why you are grateful, to then indulge in consumerism and things you most likely do not need. I slept in Friday and went out to coffee with two amazing women I’ve been friends with since high school.

The rest of the weekend I relaxed and spent time with my family. We even missed traffic, by driving home early Sunday and decided on an urge to go visit the Ballard Locks as a family before coming home.

Tell me, what are your holiday/Thanksgiving traditions? Did you celebrate Hanukkah?



DSC_0019 - Version 2




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