Taking A Moment Or Two

I had a moment this Wednesday. I moment where I felt incredibly overwhelmed. I look forward to Wednesday mornings. My friend, Emmi comes over and she helps me prepare and tutor me for life in Japan. I’m moving to Japan in about seven weeks. Emmi prepared shuttle reservation information, papers on the Navy Lodge and she shared a link she found to this fellow Japan Navy spouse’s blog. Having grown up in Japan, Emmi helped me go through our home and make a list to divide furniture items to take overseas and those to put in storage. In the process Emmi even put blue painters tape to mark the traditional 9×10 feet living room standard in Japan. We went through every room marking this perimeter, and then measuring and visualizing the essentials that could fit, AHEM possibly fit in each bedroom. We enjoyed the Starbucks coffee I always treat her and myself too. Then I told her, “I didn’t sleep well, I’m starting to get anxiety about moving!” To which my friend replied, “You should be. You’re moving in seven weeks!”

I’ve put an enthusiastic perspective on this move. Right now I’m dividing the friendship between two responses/ support. Those who are encouraging and positive about this opportunity are my friends. Those of you who take on this stance, thank you!There need to be more uplifting and encouraging people in the world! You make life brighter every day. Those who are negative, condescending (particularly with the “I don’t know how you do it?” comment) and pitying are NOT my friends. If you present this second response, I may tell you to save your tears and pity for the sick and dying. If you push my buttons about this, I may even point out how your attitude is provincial. You’ve been forewarned.

It truly is a once in a lifetime experience. We’ll be in Japan for two years. I foresee our sons going to a posh international school or learning Japanese at a Japanese public school. The cultural opportunity for them will be amazing. The cultural opportunities will be amazing for us all. We all have government passports. How exciting sounding! We all have the standard passports. I’m imagining the places we can potentially travel to: Australia, Russia, China, etc. How wistful and amazing! We’ve traveled in Europe, set foot on the Asian continent in Istanbul, Turkey and traveled the United States already with our children. We certainly are not boring are we?!?!

But this is different from our east coast flights over the pond to travel Europe a few times for weeks. Moving to Japan is for two years. My goodness, we are going to return home with our youngest being a three-year-old! Oh my, were traveling and moving with three young children! This sure is a lot of work to repress that boring with kids label we’ve heard. Let me tell you, life with kids is never boring. I had a moment in the carline at pickup for my oldest, I didn’t park and go in because we were all warm inside the car. It was a chilly/cold day. I needed the warmth. I needed the security feeling. I just wanted to stay in the calm warm car and gracefully drive through; and I did. I thought about being that “boring” label, and I wanted it so badly. My amazon account shipping addresses resemble the “twelve days of Christmas”! I love that we live a short drive from family, who I’m so lucky to celebrate my birthday with right after Thanksgiving. My grandmother reminded me today that it will be the last birthday I get to celebrate with her for two years. Her voice kind of quivered as she said it. We both repressed tears on our telephone call. I just want to stay in the beautiful home we bought only slightly a year ago. I like my children’s schools. I love my friends, the parents and the walkable neighborhood area. I love being a short drive from my family. I like these comforts.

When you move to another state or country these comforts are no longer guaranteed initially. I’m going to be living it up in the navy lodge for weeks with five other mammals while we wait on a home. That’s right, I just called them mammals! So I took a deep breath there in the carline. I took more deep breaths, I pulled gracefully forward, I took more deep breaths. I just want to be boring!!! I took more breaths, and reassured myself that it will work out well. I picked up my oldest son, he gave me the biggest wave as he walked towards the car, the sweetest smile and then the biggest hug, once he was in the car. It will be okay I was reassured by my oldest sons smile and cheerfulness. The truth is that in the last eight years, since our oldest was born, his laughter, cheerfulness and personality have been my sunshine every day, particularly on days like these that seem overwhelming. All three of children provide this type of comfort, they are my sunshine.

Deep breaths. Take many breaths. Take a moment even if you have painting tape subdividing your rooms. Even if your husband has been out of town for a month. Even if you constantly are thinking of oversea shipment requirements. Take more breaths, deep breaths in and out. Then remember:

My favorite coffe cup

because you do! Now carry on.

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