Motherhood on Mondays

Mondays are always hard on me. I’m not a morning person, as I’ve mentioned before. We had a great weekend. On Friday I had some special mother/son time with my youngest son. We put together some just purchased Legos while eating out at a fast-stop conveyor Sushi Restaurant.

Then we went to the Apple Store.

20130806-211603.jpgThe Apple Store: A kids modern day arcade
Saturday we enjoyed tball and going to an evening birthday party for a friend’s child. Sunday my husband had duty, and weekend duty days always kicks my butt; almost! We got some last-minute shoes sales at the Nordstrom half-yearly sale. Both boys got some new “pumped-up kicks”.


Can anyone guess why we also bought three large sets of

socks while shoe shopping?

Then, we had a neighborhood friend’s evening birthday party to attend. That’s right two evenings in a row where we enjoyed friends and didn’t have to make dinner! Score.

C was a bit fussy Sunday. I assumed it was teething. But no, it wasn’t. She spiked a fever late Sunday night. Unknowingly I was that mom at the birthday party Sunday. Opps! She was very cuddly, and nursed a lot last night.

At 7:15 this morning, the overseas screening person called while I was still sleeping. I’ve been waiting since last week for their return call to make an appointment for the kids and I. I debated between saying thank you on the phone or lecturing him on “courtesy hours”. I chose the first wisely and made the appointments without much to do.

We awoke and had breakfast. C was now fever free. I did homework with the boys and piano lessons. Then we got my youngest son ready for his bug camp. He was nervous to go. It was at his preschool with a new teacher. He loved it except he got stung TWICE by BEES at the end of the day within five minutes of pick-up. Scary. He was crying and said he, “Liked all bugs. Except BEES! I do not like BEES!” We learned the powers of Baking Soda to help relieve Bee stings. G calmed down after some cuddling and letting him calm down with a cartoon.


G brought me home some lavender.

He’s always loved collecting flowers for me.


J is taking his week of watering the garden very seriously.






Cucumber. We used this one with dinner to make a cucumber,

cilantro and lemon relish.


C is feeling better.


Dinner: Tandori Chicken, boiled rice with garlic

and a side of lemon, cilantro and cucumber relish was made.

We got frozen yogurt as a family for dessert. Then the kids took forever to put to bed. One son started whining about being thirsty which is why he couldn’t sleep (note he woke up the baby). And since he couldn’t find a glass in the bathroom, he said he may have to drink mouthwash! Makes total sense?!?! Umm. No, It does not make sense. I calmly told him he should drink water out of the faucet if he were that desperate. “Great idea, Mom!” He replied. I’m glad he didn’t need any more “great ideas” because by that time of the day I was out of ideas.

In a moment of exhaustion (after the kids were in bed asleep), I flipped out about the mess. About the chaos. About not being able to find more checkbooks. Apparently I used the last check today. I need a check tomorrow to pay the boys’ Japanese tutor. When you have a tutor coming to your house you feel as though your home should be somewhat presentable. I started cleaning our junk stack in hopes of finding a checkbook. Then I told my husband about how messy the house is (as if he doesn’t already see the mess). When my husband asked me if he could do anything I told him to go to bed “because this isn’t going to get better”. After almost a decade of marriage, my husband knows when I’m a grump I’m not fun to work with, so he went to bed early. I was so tired. Physically tired of the disorganization in the house, and of tripping over things in the garage that I stayed up and cleaned part of the house and then cleaned part of the garage. Stupid and sensible at the same time. This is something most parents don’t talk about. They don’t talk about the exhaustion. I AM ABSOLUTELY GREATFUL FOR MY CHILDREN AND MY LIFE. Last night, I was so exhausted, that I started crying when I was grumbling to my husband. It’s hard sometimes to balance a lot at one time.

May God give me more grace today. May my kids be as pleasant and well behaved all day as they have been this am. And may my husband forgive me for being so grouchy last night. I swear I’m going to get a pedicure tonight as soon as he gets home. AFTER, I finish organizing the rest of the darn garage! I see frozen pizza for dinner.

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