I hope you all had a great weekend.

Friday we watched this special ship come in! Welcome home, Daddy! My husband was only gone five days, but him coming home is always a reason to celebrate!


We saw my oldest son’s final British soccer camp game and awards. His coaches even had the whole team run to the fence that overlooked the sound to wave to his Father’s ship as it sailed in. Great coaches. British soccer camp rocks. And it’s offered around the country every year!

Later on we went to a birthday party thrown by my friend for her just turned two-year-old party.

Saturday I went to my mom’s group planning retreat. It was fun and a wonderful group of women to figure out details for this upcoming year.

Is this view is starting to look familiar?

I was excited to see my family afterwards. In fact, I opted out of the coffee date after the meetings to see my family ASAP. It’s the longest I’ve been away from C, ever! And my husband did a great job. The boys think he “rocks”! And who wouldn’t if this was your loot from the Lego store?



After dinner we made Amish Friendship bread. I thought, “Is it made from a unique wild yeast strain?”  While I was skeptical a week ago about its uniqueness, today I researched what made it special. Here is what I found out about Amish Friendship Bread: it’s not of Amish orgin and you can make a starter at home! When I told my husband I was telling my sister (who had given me a starter), he insisted that doing so would be like telling a child Santa wasn’t real and that it was given through friendship so it still counts! I’m crossing Amish off the title and adding the starter directions at the bottom of the instruction sheet when I hand out my starters. Regardless, this Friendship Bread (notice I can’t bring myself to say Amish anymore) tasted delicious hot out of the oven!


My husband and I went out to brunch Sunday! It was wonderful. It was the first time we’ve asked my sister to babysit all three kids. Until now, Miss C has been coming on dates too. While it makes any attached mama a bit nervous to leave her child in someone else’s care for the first time, my very responsible sister handled it very well. My husband and I had a great time.


We spent the rest of the day enjoying time with our kids. Later that day we had two other families over for dinner. A pasta dinner seemed so much easier than BBQ yesterday. So we served Spaghetti in the middle of summer and ate outside on our patio furniture, because we can! One of my friend’s made the best Brushetta I’ve ever tasted. We celebrated her husband’s recent promotion selection. Both friends took a Friendship Bread starter and directions home. Wink. Wink.

It was a great weekend.

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