Enjoying Monday

I’m not a morning person. You’re probably not surprised to hear that Monday mornings arrive much too early for me. Here is how we gracefully spent our Monday morning (and the rest of the day).

Perhaps Monday was perfect today because my family and I got to spend Saturday and part of Sunday with my Grandmother (one of the most amazing women in the world, surely the most amazing woman in my life)and the rest of my family. I love and adore them all. Each of them to pieces.


Here my Grandmother is holding and talking with C while showing C her garden.


C and I in my Grandmother’s garden; one of my favorite places.

I went on a walk with my two youngest after situating my oldest into his soccer camp. Monday’s certainly start off better when they include a quaint, steady walk. Especially one with a view. And we kept an eye on the view in the sound.


Pushing G and C in the Bob Stroller. We certainly have got our moneys worth out of this item!


G loves Hydrangea. He always has. As we walked we counted them as we have for years.


Admiring a clearly Scandinavian, locally inspired locations and Tlingit tradition inspired totem pole.


The view from my favorite local coffee shop. Still looking for something “small” to pass by.


Tlingit inspired design in the walkway in our favorite park.


Watching. Waiting. G having fun playing as I nursed C.


She’s inquisitive about the sand.


G writing in the sand.


Gorgeous view. Now one can see why it’s our favorite park.


Now we see what we have been waiting for. 🙂


A better view from up on the hill.

Today we got to visit from my east coast Sister. We saw her this weekend when we drove home to see family. Then she came to spend the day with us. We went to the out door mall so the boys could run some energy off and so my sister could get out of the house. At the mall we enjoyed tossing pennies, drinking Teavana Tea together, and playing with the gadgets at the Apple store. My sister took goofy pictures of herself with iPhone 5 phones on display. Then she set those pictures of her sweet intentionally contorted facial expressions as the wallpaper and screen saver photo to ALL of the iPhones 5’s on display. Ha! I joined her in one photo. I’m going next week to see if those photos are still saved!


Here the boys had thrown a few of their pennies and their aunt’s pennies in the fountain at our local mall.

We came home, hung out with J and then one of our other sisters came up this evening and brought dinner with her. How sweet! Additional great company from my sisters and a dinner already made is exactly what I needed today. Counting my blessings!


Ikea plastic iron-on bead creations we made with Auntie J. The one on the right is G’s, that he and I finished just before the kids bedtime routine started.

I ironed G’s creation after he went to bed. Surely, seeing your completed project must be the best way to start your day if you are a preschooler? He seemed very excited to wake up to it in the morning. And I enjoyed reading the Magic Tree House book we are on to G as son J listened as he flipped through the National Geographic reading parts, and enjoying the photos. Of course as I had tucked G and C into their beds, J whispered to me, “May I stay up and read more?” Or course I said yes, and then tucked him into bed 30 minutes later.

Then I wrote, did some blog drafts, prepared for the morning (snack bag together, cloth diapers in the bag and found soccer items). Is it cheating to hang sweaty soccer socks left by son to dry out over his half opened window?!?! No judging me. I need to sleep. No laundry tonight. Here I must mention that while checking doors and windows I tripped on a small bucket of Legos in my children’s playroom. Not without saying, “For the LOVE of St. Dimintrios!” Once again no judgement. If you’re a parent or caregiver to young children you understand.

Quite a perfect way to spend a Monday! How did you spend your Monday?

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