My shopping helper

My youngest son wasn’t impressed with the morning camp both sons went to yesterday. He thinks, “It is [the camp is] loud, boring and a bit annoying.” G even told our sweet neighbor friend that, “I’m not looking forward to going tomorrow.” As of this morning he still had not changed his mind. There are certain things he must go to and do. There are other activities that are optional. This camp is the latter. While I tried to encourage him gently to go, and stuck around for a bit with our oldest, G still wasn’t interested. He even hid from his sweet teenage girl counselors (who we know and trust and are being closely watched over by well educated adults we trust). I politely spoke with the director and told him G was apprehensive about going, and played up his allergies. He honestly was up once last night sniffling, and slept on my floor. Lack of sleep and allergies always bring out his “grumpies”. Staying with me is fine. We have a rule in all forms of discipline (teaching) that if the kids can not behave or they are having a hard time being away from us then they stick near us. And sticking with me was quite fun this morning. G helped me shop at Trader Joes, put away groceries, we read the Magic Tree House that we are on and he played while I picked up the house and worked on chores. A perfect morning together while baby C napped once we were home.


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