Various talents

I’ve heard that all kids have talents. Some kids are simply gifted in certain areas. While those same children find other tasks or development more challenging. I would say this is all true for my oldest son. He’s a kid, and try as I might not to label him in anyway, I keep my opinions about his giftedness and his struggles away from him. I encourage his strengths and encourage him to keep working on those things that are challenging to him. I encourage hard work on things rather than praising just his giftedness. A few weeks ago he brought home The Hobbit. Perhaps a bit ambitious for a first grader? I was not surprised, I also did not dote on him for being ambitious. His teacher was concerned that The Hobbit

May be too complex and even scary for a child his age.

In regards to my oldest, I agree on the latter of his teachers assessment. I am not bragging. I’m simply stating what we are going through here.
I’m also telling you that my oldest loves soccer. He’s not good at it. It bores him and he’s not nearly as athletic as any of the kids on his team. He tries and enjoys learning every single of his teammates names. He’s more excited about making friends and the social aspect of sports. Which is fine with me. Social connections, community connections, listening and following a positive coach’s directions is why we as parents feel soccer is valuable for our oldest son. Practices are getting better. I see a little improvement each practice with our son. Which is good. But, I was not surprised on this warm sunny day in the Pacific Northwest, when our oldest figured out that with the lull of being placed again as a defender near the goal box he could position his shadow in many different yoga poses. The tree, the egret, the volcano. His favorite pose seemed to be the warrior from position one to two over and over again. When the ball would come close, he would engage with a strong kick to the sidelines or a down the field kick. Then a yoga pose would ensue once the crowd had moved away from his position area. As a parent I just smiled. These yoga shadow moves will most likely not be what he remembers most about soccer during his early years. His yoga moves on the soccer field and his socializing skills will strongly be engrained in my memory decades from now.

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