Parenting Awards

I’ve been awarded a unique award this evening by my five-year-old. To win this award it did not take much. “Simply” five years of “showing up to work” that led to this prize. My son finds joy in shouting as loud as he can after using the restroom, “Mom. I’m DONE! Can. You. Please. Wipe. Me!” And as always I run into assist him. This evening after helping him he proudly announced, “Mommy, you’re the best wiper in the world!” I replied, “Why thank you. You’re the fastest pooper in the world!” Mundane to most people. But this recently bestowed parenting award means a lot. As it should. While quality does mean more than quantity. In parenting quality is very important, but so is quantity. Many times in parenting it is simply being present. Present in connecting with your children, where they can communicate with you. Where you are not overly distracted by work, smart phones, competitive parenting and exhaustion. Connecting is huge. Children value your time more than anything materialist, and years from now they will remember the times you leaned into parenting.

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