Cautionary Parenting

I offer no parenting advice. Just a lot of cautionary tales. I truly believe in the saying, “There are a million different ways to be a good parent, and there is no way to be a perfect parent.” This evening was another cautionary tale. I’m certain there is no take home message from my experience. Just a shower taken to wash away those failures of the day before bed. Because tomorrow is going to be perfect! 😉 Understand my sincere sarcasm in the previous statement. When all else seems to fail in parenting, I call my Father. With my husband gone this evening, I need my extended village that I’ve chosen. I’m so grateful, my Dad was available to chat. He has an adventurous life, a job that takes him places televised and overhyped, and he has a penchant for younger women and to travel. Both are completely acceptable to me, if you are wondering my personal opinion of either. When I call him, I appreciate that he reconnects with me about my current trials in the trenches of parenting young children, and shares his wisdom and support to help me discover solutions. I can even tell my Dad when I’ve said something to my son as stupid as, “Because you were making poor choices and not listening you may not sleep in my room tonight.” Then I tell my Dad it was a stupid thing to say because, twenty minutes later I felt bad and let him sleep in my bed. My son is terrified of the dark. I didn’t think that through. It’s good to admit when one is wrong as a parent, and it’s good for your children to know you make mistakes. I’m feeling good that I admitted to my son I should not have said that, yet I’m feeling as though I undermined myself. Note to self: don’t make empty consequences; simply say only reasonable ones instead. I’m hoping with my Father’s advice and a good night’s sleep, I’ll start the day with some pragmatic approach such as having more patience and not taking things personally when a child behaves poorly. Please let the fits, throwing toys and not listening be omitted from our day tomorrow. Lots of love to my precious angel as he snores besides me. Your momma will pray for both of us tomorrow.

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