Rockin’ the Grocery Store

For the last two days I’ve been out of deodorant. No big deal to a woman with three young children. The thought of traversing the store for a sometimes optional personal care item with three children in tow made me omit deodorant temporarily from my list of necessities. My husband was out of town, which is why I could not steal his deodorant. I had already been “borrowing” his over Easter weekend on our trip to go and see family. This morning my oldest declared while perusing our pantry for breakfast, “There is no cereal I like in the house. And we’re out of syrup for pancakes.” This is where I dually in my head say to myself sarcastically, “Tell me all about your first world problems… And I need to go grocery shopping today. We are almost out of milk.” With a calm recommendation from me my oldest quickly and happily opted to eating two chocolate mini-muffins I had made and strawberries I had already sliced that were waiting in the refrigerator. 

After breakfast, I made blueberry and raspberry muffins for my friend who was coming over with her children for a play date. Here is where I must mention I am not much of a baker. But, my sweet friend whose husband is on six-plus month deployment is worth every bit of effort to try to come up with yummy muffins to share.  Mid-morning my friend came over with her three young children for a morning play date. As luck should have it; the muffins turned out well. But most of all I enjoyed talking to my friend; and all four young boys got along and neither of the two babies cried or fussed. After visiting, eating a light brunch together and taking the kids to the play ground she took her kids home. She mentioned that she had arranged for her babysitter to come later that afternoon for her to take her husband’s car in to get the oil changed while he was gone and to just drive the car for a bit. One of many reasons why she truly is a sweet person. I told her where the nearest nail places were for her to get a pedicure while her husband’s car was getting worked on, and kindly told her I wanted to hear what she had done nice for herself during her quiet kid-free afternoon. She laughed and said, “I may just have to stop by Target and get myself some new shoes.” And in reply I said, “Yes, you must!” I sent half-a-dozen of those blueberry and raspberry muffins home with her. 

As karma should have it, all of my three children were perfect later this afternoon as we went grocery shopping. My oldest helped push a small cart through the store, my baby slept almost the entire time in her carseat attached to her stroller, and my youngest son didn’t whine the entire trip and was very helpful, too. A fellow QFC grocery shopper told me, “Your children are well behaved. And so helpful!” I replied, “Thank you. I appreciate your kind words.” As we moved on to the next isle, I dotted on my kids and told them how happy and proud I was of their behavior and enthusiastically bragged to them what the fellow shopper patron had said to me. Way to go kids! I’d like to think it is my karma for braving making muffins, hosting a play date, and doing a brief clean for a sweet friend. But the truth is, that my kids were on the best behavior and it’s something we’ve been working hard on and I’ve invested a lot of time into! Hurray to us all! 

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