Burning the house down…

Let me start by telling you that I am not supermom, or superwoman by any means. Since you now know this, and realize that I know this you will feel no need to be disappointed in my domestic skills. Simply; I’m trying my best, but realize I’m not perfect. I do have qualms with baby food and food in general. I’m trying my best to feed us (my family) wholesome and real food. This can be quite a challenge because real food takes more time to prepare, often more money and better multitasking. It’s obvious to me that spending a few extra bucks at QFC to buy organic is worth it. I like shopping at my favorite grocery store can be fun particularly when they place their delicious tortilla soup out for consumption of their patrons. Yet, I always think I’m a better multitask-er than I am at this point in my life. I successfully made organic baby food. The process wasn’t as successful at all points. While feeding my baby and listening to my sons play Lego’s, I smelt an unpleasant fragrance. A burning smell was emitting from the kitchen. I had forgot to turn off the burner. While it was on low, it had been on for a while. Thankfully all steamed baby food had been removed. The water had completely evaporated and the pot had started to brown, well blacken, from the prolonged heat. My poor Paula Dean pot had been blackening while I went on with my merry day. Ha!

Dear Paula,

I’ve disappointed you today. I burnt one of your beautiful red boiling pans today. I also did not add any butter to the contents of the food produced while using your pans. While the pan cleaned up nicely with some scrubbing effort, the smell is still lingering in my house. You have two sons, as do I. Both are proclaiming that they still smell the burnt dish. Opps!


This novice chef-in-training


While I type this out and upload this picture, my dog is looking over at me. Yes, dear pup humans are an oddity. We do make food, take pictures of them, upload them to blog and share them with the world. Its the glory and the auguries of having a larger prefrontal cortex and opposable thumbs. 🙂




This baby food does look pretty in these fancy freezer friendly jars my sister bought me!
baby food <

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