Greek Yogurt, Popcorn Bacon and Green Peas

This poor neglected blog has been left unattended for weeks now. I blame the neglect on two birthdays in our family and on Lent. Parties particularly for children take a lot of work. Especially when your child’s preschool will not hand out invitations, regardless if you invited the entire class. Our youngest son had quite the party. To see his face and the fun he had whacking a star pinata and playing with his friends was worth all my time and effort. As a military family, life can be hard with so many moves. It takes a special effort, particularly on my part to help my children make these new connections and strong friendships. This topic could be covered in several blog posts I’m sure!

In regards to blaming Lent for the neglect of this blog is easy. I’ve been trying to be more relaxed, less of a perfectionist, and more going with the flow type even if those off-center moments give me anxiety. This will make me grow as a person? I keep telling myself it will. Eventually I hope to see proof that it will.

The temporary proof of this off-center, less perfectionist mindset is evident in our lunch! My just turned five-year-old after preschool pick-up decided to DJ a Mr. Scruff Ninja Tuna song. I tell you; life truly is better than fiction. A song as glorious as the title sounds does exist! You can find Mr. Scruff Ninja Tuna song here. My son adjusted the bass, and manipulated the speed to the song. In his musical opinion the song sounds, “Better faster sometimes, and better slower sometimes, too!” You must try for yourself to see if his advice suits you. While my son played the Ninja Tuna song copious times at various speeds we made Breakfast Bacon Popcorn for lunch. This recipe inspired by Amanda Blake-Soule on her blog Soule Mama. What proves that you can go with the flow more than Breakfast Bacon Popcorn for lunch? At this moment, nothing else can. We altered the recipe just a bit by using turkey bacon and added granulated organic sugar to make the savory combat the sweet. It was the perfect lunch with a side of Greek Yogurt and honey, and a side of green peas! It us during these moments that I recall this quotation by Annie Dillard, “How we spend our days, of course, is how we spend our lives.” At this moment, this is how I’d like to remember my days, and motherhood spent with more joyful memories such as this. And this is what Lent is all about, too; bringing you closer to God and those you love, and farther away from the things that impede you from true joy and gratefulness.

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